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    • Web design and its effect on key variables associated with online consumer behavior in the retail sector 

      García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Rondon-Eusebio, Rafael Fernando; Millones-Liza, Dany Yudet (Growing Science, 2023)
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      This study examines the effect of web design on the generation of electronic word of mouth (EWOM) through the satisfaction of e-commerce consumers in the retail sector. To this end, three main objectives were proposed: (1) ...
    • Improving industrial security device detection with convolutional neural networks 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Gonzales-Huaman, Josemaria; Machuca-Solano, Jose; Ruiz-Alvarado, John (Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES), 2023)
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      Employee safety is paramount in the manufacturing industry to ensure their well-being and protection. Technological advancements, particularly convolutional neural networks (CNN), have significantly enhanced this safety ...
    • Violencia simbólica en la maternidad: Experiencias, significados y discursos 

      Mori Sánchez, María del Pilar; Cárdenas Vila, Roxana Maribel; Castro Carrasco, Giuliana Cecilia; Cubas Romero, Taniht Lisseth (Universidad del Zulia, 2023)
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      La maternidad es un fenómeno cultural complejo con representaciones socialmente construidas, significados y simbolismos en torno a la mujer. El artículo propone analizar las configuraciones de violencia simbólica en la ...
    • Isolation and Characterization of Yarrowia lipolytica YQ22 from Diesel Samples for Phenol Biodegradation 

      Baldera-Saavedra, Jayson; Quiñones-Cerna, Claudio Eduardo; Sánchez-Vásquez, Sandra; Arévalo-Gonzales, Yanella; Terrones-Rodríguez, Nicole; Rodríguez-Soto, Juan Carlos; Robles-Castillo, Heber Max; De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Benites-Castillo, Santiago M.; Baldera- Guayambal, Lucio; Cruz-Monzon, Jose Alfredo; Rojas-Flores, Segundo (Environmental Research, Engineering and Management, 2023)
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      Phenolic compounds have gained international interest due to their carcinogenic, toxic, and bioaccumulative properties, causing adverse effects in both animals and humans. As a result, there is a growing interest in finding ...
    • Predicting Obesity in Nutritional Patients using Decision Tree Modeling 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Mirano-Portilla, Luis; Gamarra-Mendoza, Manuel; Robles-Espiritu, Wilmer (The Science and Information Organization, 2023)
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      Obesity has become a widespread problem that affects not only physical well-being but also mental health. To address this problem and provide solutions, Machine Learning (ML) technology tools are being applied. Studies are ...
    • Effect of Broadness of Wave Spectrum on Significant Wave Height and Wave Power for Open Ocean Conditions of the Peru Basin 

      De La Torre, Dennys; Luyo, Jaime; Ortega, Arturo (ASME, 2023)
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      When estimating significant wave height and wave power, it is regularly assumed 4 for the spectral estimate factor. It means considering a narrowband wave spectrum. That approach is accurate enough when the spectral broadness ...

      Javier, Gamboa-Cruzado; Crisostomo-Castro, Renzo; Vilabuleje, Jhonatan; López-Goycochea, Jefferson; Valenzuela, Jorge Nolasco (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 2023)
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      Studies on predicting heart attacks using Machine Learning demonstrate that there is a wide variety of algorithms and methodologies highlighting their impact on heart attack prediction. This can help in reducing the risk ...
    • Predicting willingness to consume healthy brand foods using the theory of planned behavior: the role of nutritional literacy 

      Chilón-Troncos, Rony Francisco; García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Escobar-Farfán, Manuel; Millones-Liza, Dany Yudet; Villar-Guevara, Miluska (Frontiers, 2023)
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      Introduction: The willingness to consume healthy foods has highlighted the growing importance of health, even more so when it comes to food choice, and predicting the willingness to consume foods of a healthy brand represents ...
    • Comprehensive Study of Natural Radioactivity in Building Materials: A Case Study in Ica, Peru 

      Liz, Rafael; Pereyra, Patrizia; Muñoz, Daniel; Viera, Victor; López Herrera, Maria Elena; Rojas, Jhonny; Palacios, Daniel; Díaz, Félix; Cerna, Nhell; Rojas, Segundo; Sajo-Bohus, Laszlo (MDPI, 2023)
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      This study evaluates radon exhalation rates and assesses the potential radiological risks of external exposure to primordial radionuclides in building materials employed in the Ica region of Peru, particularly those with ...
    • Math Gamification and ICT for University Learning: Systematic Review Article 

      Velásquez Lecca, Susana Mercedes; Manco Chávez, José Antonio; Borja Torres, Rolando Juan; Huamán Malca, Wilmer Amado; Candia Quispe, Wilson Wilmar; Cortez Egusquiza, Raúl (International Journal of Religion, 2023)
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      The integration of math gamification and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in learning has been a subject of growing interest. This approach seeks to improve student motivation and performance by transforming ...
    • Short Grit Scale (Grit-S): New evidence based on CFA and MIRT models 

      Yupanqui-Lorenzo, Daniel E.; Becerra-Herrera, Wilson A.; Díaz-Leon, Iván; Cardoza Sernaqué, Manuel Antonio; Olivera-Carhuaz, Edith S. (Revista Fuentes, 2023)
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      Studying grit's measurement helps to understand this psychological phenomenon associated with success. Grit-S structures of one-factor and two-factor have been reported in the literature, but there is a lack of reports ...
    • Design of a Mobile Application to Improve the Therapy Process in Children with Autism 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Almeyda-Saravia, Edson Sebastián; Araujo-Jayo, Kemily Jarumy; Huaringa-Cruzado, Dylan; Palomino-Guevara, Aldair Fabian (International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 2023)
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      Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects communication and social interaction. It has increased in recent decades, especially among children, and has had a significant impact on their lives, necessitating attention and ...
    • Static, Dynamic, and High Cycle Fatigue Analysis of Crossed Spherical Gearing for Robotic Arm Ball Joint: A Finite Element Analysis Approach 

      Serna-Landivar, José L.; Risco Sernaqué, Madelaine Violeta; Rivas Moreano, Ana Beatriz; C. Algoner, William; Anticona-Valderrama, Daniela M.; Zúñiga Porras, Walter Enrique; Oliva Guevara, Carlos (International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 2023)
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      Crossed spherical gearing is used in the joints of robotic arm prostheses and allows mobility in 3 degrees of freedom. This paper aims to evaluate the design of a cross-spherical gear with three different materials, PEEK, ...
    • Predicting customer abandonment in recurrent neural networks using short-term memory 

      Beltozar-Clemente, Saul; Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Pucuhuayla-Revatta, Félix; Zapata-Paulini, Joselyn; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael (Elsevier, 2023)
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      Customer retention, a critical business priority, has become a growing concern, especially in the telecommunications industry. This study addresses the need to anticipate and understand customer churn through the application ...
    • Mobile Application with Augmented Reality as a Support Tool for Learning Human Anatomy 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Andia-Alcarraz, Jhenifer; Saba-Estela, Fathzy; Epifanía-Huerta, Andrés (International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 2023)
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      Learning the anatomy of the human skeletal system presents several challenges in understanding the complexity of the human body. One of the most common issues is the absence of effective and accessible learning methods ...
    • Remote Heart Rate Monitoring Device Using the Internet of Things 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Surcco-Jacinto, Enrique; Balvin-Chávez, Melanie (International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 2023)
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      Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Therefore, this study aims to develop a mobile application utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor patients’ heart rate. The study employed a ...
    • Benefits of Metaverse Application in Education: A Systematic Review 

      Flores-Castañeda, Rosalynn Ornella; Olaya-Cotera, Sandro; Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando (International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 2023)
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      The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in people’s lifestyles, with the educational sector being one of the most reliant on technology to facilitate the teaching and learning process. In this literature ...
    • Integration of GeoGebra Calculator 3D with Augmented Reality in Mathematics Education for an Immersive Learning Experience 

      Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Orlando; Paulino-Moreno, Cleoge; Chero-Valdivieso, Henry; Espinola-Linares, Karina; Cabanillas-Carbonell, Michael (International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 2023)
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      The use of augmented reality (AR) with GeoGebra allows for the contextualization of mathematical operations in real-world situations. In this approach, the teacher presents questions or problems that students solve using ...
    • Sustainable Electricity Production Using Avocado Waste 

      Rojas-Flores, Segundo; Vives-Garnique, Juan; Díaz, Félix; De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly (MDPI, 2023)
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      Agroindustry waste has exponentially increased in recent years, generating economic losses and environmental problems. In addition, new ways to generate sustainable alternative electrical energy are currently being sought ...
    • Influence of organic compost treatment on biometric patterns and sensory attributes of fresh green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) 

      Rodriguez Espinoza, Ronald Fernando; Ipanaqué Roña, Juan Manuel; Cruz Nieto, Dante Daniel; Abarca Rodríguez, Joaquin José; Eguilas Caushi, Yolanda Maricruz; Gomero Mancesidor, Johnny Mitchell; Castro Bartolomé, Hector Jorge; Jamanca-Gonzales, Nicodemo Crescencio; Silva-Paz, Reynaldo Justino (Elsevier, 2023)
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      Organic production is nowadays more important for the care of the environment. Therefore, fresh horticultural products such as green beans produced with organic compost are healthier and are influenced by their ...