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    • Undamped, Damped and Forced Motion, Physical Simulation with the Geogebra Tool 

      Campos Saravia, Reynaldo; Manco Chávez, José Antonio; Manco Arroyo, Nicolas Silver; Crisóstomo Olivares, Jorge Antonio; Huaman Carhuatocto, Jeannina Del Alva; Blas Montenegro, Luz Petronila; Díaz Hinostroza, Mary Rosaura; Barazorda Puga, Nancy (International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology, 2023)
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      Currently due to the pandemic situation that has affected the world community without distinction of languages, customs and creeds, technology was incorporated massively to achieve the continuity of progress in research, ...
    • Understanding the Global Data of Infections Cases by Covid-19 Through Gaussian and Trapezoid Models 

      Nieto-Chaupis, Huber (IEEE, 2021)
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      Once initialized the first wave of pandemic due to Covid-19 pandemic, it was seen in most countries a common pattern that gives account about the number of infections. Nevertheless one finds also that in mosly of these ...
    • La unión de hecho del peruano y venezolano y las controversias que surgen en ámbito jurídico en el distrito de San Juan de Miraflores - 2023 

      Berrocal Rivera, Katherin Roxana (Universidad Autónoma del Perú, 2024-04-11)
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      La tesis tuvo como objetivo determinar de qué manera la unión de hecho que se da entre el peruano y el venezolano afectan los patrimonios que constituyen dentro de su convivencia en San Juan de Miraflores en el año 2023. ...
    • Universal Estimation of an Intercity Social Distancing in Covid-19 Epochs 

      Nieto Chaupis, Huber (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2022)
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      In pandemic times, in most countries the closing of airports and local as well as international flights are done in a coherent manner that allow people to improve their decisions respect to the mobility that might emerge ...
    • University Reform And Its Impact On Scientific Production In Peru 

      Acevedo-Flores, Jessica; Morillo-Flores, John; Tamashiro-Tamashiro, Jaime; Mazzi-Huaycucho, Víctor (Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, 2021)
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      The present study had the objective of analyzing the Peruvian scientific production published after the university reform initiated in 2014 with the purpose of evidencing the impact of this one on the ...
    • Usage of Machine Learning and Monte Carlo Method as Probabilistic Hybrid Tool to Predict Next Pandemic 

      Nieto-Chaupis, Huber (IEEE, 2023)
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      This paper explores the scenarios where the combination of algorithms based at Machine Learning with Monte Carlo method can be advantageous to assess the next pandemic. Thus, taking into account the experience of Covid-19, ...
    • Usage of the BB84 Protocol for Communications in Pairs of Orbiting Satellites 

      Nieto-Chaupis, Huber (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019-08-15)
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      We use the scheme of the BB84 protocol to estimate the Bit Error Rate (BER) between two satellites under the action of exchanging wireless communication inside the framework of the Internet of Space Things. The usage of ...
    • USAWEB: An Usability Metrics to Measure the Online Store Consumer's Purchase Experience 

      García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Millones-Liza, Dany Yudet (ACM DL DIGITAL LIBRARY, 2022-07-09)
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      The study proposes to create and evaluate the validity and reliability of a scale that allows us to measure the usability of web pages for electronic commerce called USAWEB (web usability), the referred scale is composed ...
    • Use of Banana Waste as a Source for Bioelectricity Generation 

      Rojas-Flores, Segundo; De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Nazario-Naveda, Renny; Benites, Santiago M.; Delfín-Narciso, Daniel; Angelats-Silva, Luis; Murga-Torres, Emzon (MDPI, 2022-05-09)
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      The large amounts of organic waste thrown into the garbage without any productivity, and the increase in the demand for electrical energy worldwide, has led to the search for new eco-friendly ways of generating electricity. ...
    • Use of Kiwi Waste as Fuel in MFC and Its Potential for Use as Renewable Energy 

      Rojas-Flores, Segundo; De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Cabanillas-Chirinos, Luis; Benites, Santiago M.; Nazario-Naveda, Renny; Delfín-Narciso, Daniel; Gallozzo-Cardenas, Moisés; Díaz, Felix; Murga-Torres, Emzon; Rojas-Villacorta, Walter (MDPI, 2023)
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      This research aimed to use kiwi waste as fuel to generate bioelectricity through microbial fuel cells. It was possible to generate an electrical current and voltage peaks of 3.807 ± 0.102 mA and 0.993 ± 0.061 V on day 11, ...
    • Use of Leuconostoc Mesenteroides to Produce a Dextran Bioflocculant 

      De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Rojas-Flores, Segundo; Benites, Santiago M.; Quezada Álvarez, M.A.; Otiniano García, N. M.; Rodríguez Yupanqui, Magda (Kaunas University of Technology, 2022-04-01)
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      In this study, we aimed to determine the in vitro activity of Leuconostoc mesenteroides var. mesenteroides isolated from sugar-industry effluents to produce a dextran bioflocculant from sucrose as a low-cost substrate. L. ...
    • Use of Mine Tailings as a Substrate in Microbial Fuel Cells for Electric Energy Generation 

      Silva-Palacios, F.; Salvador-Salinas, A.; Rojas-Flores, S.; De La Cruz-Noriega, M.; Nazario-Naveda, R.; Gallozzo-Cardenas, M.; Delfin-Narciso, D.; Díaz, F. (Springer Link, 2023)
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      In order to find an alternative for the reuse of mining effluents and contribute with eco-friendly technologies that cover the high demand for energy, this research evaluated the use of mine tailings as a substrate for the ...

      Bravo Vidaurre, F.; Azabache Liza, Y. F.; Rodriguez Espinoza, R. F.; Guerrero Escobedo, A. E.; López-Rojas, J.J.; Ruiz Ríos, A.; Ramírez Ramírez, W.; Azabache Aliaga, R. B. (School of Engineering, Taylor’s University, 2023)
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      Using Moringa oleifera (Moringa oleifera Lam.) seed as a biocoagulant to enhance surface water's physical and chemical quality was the goal of this study. The methodology applied for the generation of experimental data was ...
    • Use of Onion Waste as Fuel for the Generation of Bioelectricity 

      Flores-Rojas, Segundo; De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Otiniano, Nélida Milly; Benites, Santiago M.; Esparza, Mario; Nazario-Naveda, Renny (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2022-01-19)
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      The enormous environmental problems that arise from organic waste have increased due to the significant population increase worldwide. Microbial fuel cells provide a novel solution for the use of waste as fuel for electricity ...
    • Use of Pineapple Waste as Fuel in Microbial Fuel Cell for the Generation of Bioelectricity 

      Rojas-Flores, Segundo; Nazario-Naveda, Renny; Benites, Santiago M.; Gallozzo-Cardenas, Moisés; Delfín-Narciso, Daniel; Díaz, Félix (MDPI, 2022)
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      The excessive use of fossil sources for the generation of electrical energy and the increase in different organic wastes have caused great damage to the environment; these problems have promoted new ways of generating ...
    • Use of Tangerine Waste as Fuel for the Generation of Electric Current 

      Rojas-Flores, Segundo; Cabanillas-Chirinos, Luis; Nazario-Naveda, Renny; Gallozzo-Cardenas, Moisés; Díaz, Felix; Delfín-Narciso, Daniel; Rojas-Villacorta, Walter (MDPI, 2023-02-15)
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      Fruit waste has increased exponentially worldwide, within which tangerine is one of those that generates a greater amount of organic waste, which is currently not fully used. On the other hand, microbial fuel cells (MFCs) ...
    • Use of Wastewater and Electrogenic Bacteria to Generate Eco-Friendly Electricity through Microbial Fuel Cells 

      De La Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Benites, Santiago M.; Rojas-Flores, Segundo; Otiniano, Nelida M.; Sabogal Vargas, Ana M.; Alfaro, Rubén; Cabanillas-Chirinos, Luis; Rojas-Villacorta, Walter; Nazario-Naveda, Renny; Delfín-Narciso, Daniel (MDPI, 2023-07-06)
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      Power generation and wastewater treatment are two great challenges for sustainable development. Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are a sustainable alternative that can generate bioelectricity in the bioremediation process of ...
    • El uso abusivo de la prisión preventiva en el Perú, lesiona el derecho de la presunción de inocencia, análisis 2018-2020 

      Del Aguila Solano, Wenceslao (Universidad Autónoma del Perú, 2023-03-07)
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      La presunción de inocencia define el derecho fundamental a la libertad, pero también es deber del estado perseguir y castigar la comisión de hechos delictivos, garantizando la presencia del imputado durante el juicio en ...
    • Uso adictivo al facebook y felicidad en estudiantes de una universidad privada de Lima Sur, 2020 

      Choque Espinoza, Anais Lizbeth (Universidad Autónoma del Perú, 2020-08-11)
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      La finalidad de la presente investigación fue hallar la relación que existe entre las variables uso adictivo al facebook y felicidad en estudiantes de una universidad privada de Lima Sur. El diseño al que corresponde es ...
    • El Uso de Las Bases de Datos en la Redacción de Tesis Jurídicas 

      González Aguilar, Hugo (International Business Information Management Association, 2020)
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      El presente estudio analiza el uso de las bases de datos principales: Web of Science y Scopus en la redacción de tesis jurídicas de pregrado. Se consultaron los repositorios de acceso libre de tesis de cuatro facultades ...