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dc.contributor.authorGamboa Cruzado, Javier Arturo
dc.contributor.authorChancusig-Chisag, Juan Carlos
dc.contributor.authorMorales Lozada, José Vicente
dc.contributor.authorAlfaro Acuña, Anthony Johan
dc.description.abstractA New Model that integrates corporate strategy with the Balanced Scorecard is studied to improve decision-making executives by merging Models Relevant systems, making use of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), which is based on systems thinking. The research methodology used was action research. This methodology is being applied with very satisfactory results in the generation of new models, as is the case under discussion. Its core is the idea that the researcher does not remain unaware of the research but becomes a participant in the relevant group (diversified firms). In the field, was recorded input and solution models from other authors: the advisor, System Information (SI) staff of corporations, reported investigations and proposals from the maker of researcher? The purpose is to generate a consensus model and confront this model with business reality. The units of analysis considered are international methodologies, knowledge and experience of the investigator, entrepreneurs and researchers, diversified companies, so on. For the testing of the hypothesis was considered: Decision Making of the Head of Admission at the College. The main conclusion was the construction of the New Model, Corporate Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard (CSP-BSC), was performed very efficiently from the relevant systems, business requirements and the contributions of the researcher using the SSM, the Philosophical Framework is very important in any investigation because it guides the whole process of research, decreased the percentage of bad decisions, and in-creased the percentage of accuracy of information. It is relevant to corporate and divisional managers, researchers, teachers, and students.es_PE
dc.publisherSpringer, Chames_PE
dc.subjectCorporate strategyes_PE
dc.subjectDecision makinges_PE
dc.subjectBalanced score-cardes_PE
dc.subjectBusiness intelligencees_PE
dc.titleProposal of a Systemic Model for Integration of Strategic Planning in Corporate Level with Balanced Scorecardes_PE
dc.identifier.journalLecture Notes in Networks and Systemses_PE

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