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    • Consumer Behavior after COVID-19: Interpersonal Influences, eWOM and Digital Lifestyles in More Diverse Youths 

      Müller-Pérez, Jessica; Acevedo-Duque, Ángel; Valenzuela Rettig, Pilar; García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Fernández-Mantilla, Mirtha Mercedes; Izquierdo-Marín, Sandra Sofía; Álvarez-Becerra, Rina (MDPI, 2023)
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      COVID-19 caused a major shift in consumer behavior online at companies that focused on offering products to a traditional and more diverse (LGBTTTQI+) market. For this reason, an online survey was carried out through the ...
    • Scientometric Analysis of Hiking Tourism and Its Relevance for Wellbeing and Knowledge Management 

      Acevedo-Duque, Ángel; Llanos-Herrera, Gonzalo R.; García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Simón-Isidoro, Selene; Álvarez-Herranz, Agustín Pablo; Álvarez-Becerra, Rina; Sánchez Díaz, Lisette C. (MDPI, 2022-07-13)
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      Hiking is a sports activity that takes place in the natural environment. From the point of view of well-being, it is an aerobic activity that prevents and improves cardiovascular diseases. According to data provided by the ...
    • The Future of Tamaulipas MSMEs after COVID-19: Intention to Adopt Inbound Marketing Tools 

      Müller-Pérez, Jessica; Garza-Muñiz, Viridiana Sarahí; Acevedo-Duque, Ángel; García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Esponda-Pérez, Jorge Alberto; Álvarez-Becerra, Rina (MDPI, 2022-10)
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      Since the emergence of COVID-19, the interruption of non-core activities negatively affected the entire world economy so that companies in emerging countries had to adapt to the “new reality” by seeking new business ...
    • The Mexican Ecological Conscience: A Predictive Model 

      Müller-Pérez, Jessica; Acevedo-Duque, Ángel; Llanos-Herrera, Gonzalo R.; García-Salirrosas, Elizabeth Emperatriz; Ovalles-Toledo, Luiz Vicente; Sandoval Barraza, Lidyeth Azucena; Álvarez-Becerra, Rina (MDPI, 2022-06-09)
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      Recently, the number of Mexicans who buy sustainable products has been increasing, which has led to sustainable trade. Therefore, the objective of this study is to determine which variables have a greater effect on Mexicans’ ...